Since Elena Brower and Tara Judelle first poured the teachings of Anusara yoga into my bones in 2010, I have been called to share the practices and teachings that have profoundly impacted my life. I continue to train and self-study in the laboratory of my own sādhana, while surrendering and unravelling in the spiral of awakening.

As a facilitator, I am interested in an ongoing inquiry into embodied liberation, inspired by classical non-dual Tantrik philosophy, Anusara and Embodied Flow™ yoga. Curating powerful containers where people are free to explore on their own terms is the work I am most drawn to. Holding the space for intuitive moving meditations where students are guided by their own wisdom and the creative life force that courses through their form.

A writer of 15 years, Collette lives in Bali with the love of her life, who she also runs retreats with. She has recently been adopted by a Balinese dog and currently has a rescue duck in her bath. Her great love is kula and she is fortunate to part of a beautiful community, which continues to grow as she travels and teaches in Bali.

Photography by Elizabeth Curtis