Radiantly Alive | Ubud

I am honored to be offering classes at Radiantly Alive in Ubud. I’d love to see you there and will be guiding meditation, gentle flow, soft evening flow, vinyasa and strong flow. I will also be offering Embodied Flow™ inspired 90 minute classes where we can go deep , move freely and explore the ancient teachings of the Tantrik Yoga Tradition.


Workshop | Radiantly Alive | 29th June | 12.45-16.45pm

What is flow? And what does it mean to be in a state of flow? This workshop will introduce you to the school of Embodied Flow™ and the principle of Yielding through the lens of Classical Tantrik philosophy. When we soften through the layers of our being and come to land in the holding space of awareness, we experience a more intimate relationship with reality. With what is happening inside ourselves, our environment and our relationships, in each moment. Yielding is ‘the bridge into relationship’, inviting us drop down into that holding space so we can feel more, taste more and hold more of Life. Learning to listen to the subtle language of our embodied intuition and the quiet whispers of the Śuddhavidya, or Pure Wisdom. This workshop is designed to guide us into a flow state where we can have the felt experience of life leading the way, so we can move with greater ease, trust and grace into the potential space of the unknown.