Radiantly Alive | Ubud

I am honored to be offering classes at Radiantly Alive in Ubud. I’d love to see you there and will be guiding meditation, gentle flow, soft evening flow, vinyasa and strong flow. I will also be offering Embodied Flow™ inspired 90 minute classes where we can go deep , move freely and explore the ancient teachings of the Tantrik Yoga Tradition.


Immersion | Moksha Yoga Melbourne | 25th-27th October

Inspired by classical Tantrik philosophy and the school of Embodied Flow™,  this immersive weekend will take you on an intimate journey towards your embodied intuition, innate instinct and creative inspiration.  Through āsana, meditation, free movement, partner work, sharing circles, journaling, contemplation and embodiment exercises, you will walk away with a collection of “divining rods” for tuning into the subtle language of your deepest knowing and accessing a greater sense of Grace, Trust and Flow.

Our map will be laid out on the opening evening through a sacred sādhana and satsang to explore the teachings we will be embodying as the weekend unfolds. After a morning offering of kriya, mantra, prānāyāma, Tantrik subtle body practices, meditation, contemplation and journaling, our first full day will explore the principle of yielding – what it means to truly yield into relationship with self, other and the whole of the present moment. We will examine and experience what happens when we soften our stories and meet ourselves as we are. Through partner work, free movement and āsana we will deeply embody this teaching, allowing intuition to lead the way and guide our every step and movement. In the afternoon we will go deeper into the theme of relationship and integrate the movements of the morning through yin, restorative and contemplative practices.

On the final day we will explore samskāras and how the imprints of past experiences distort our sense of reality in the present. By tapping into our digestive system through kriya, breath, sound and movement we will help stuck energy to move through before dissolving into the sweet practice of yin, restorative and meditation.

Over the course of this powerful Weekend Immersion you will:

  • Tap into your embodied intuition, innate instinct and creative inspiration

  • Open portals into a home practice

  • Gain greater fluency and articulation in the subtle languages of your body-mind

  • Come into a deeper relationship with yourself and others

  • Take away tools for a daily sādhana or meditation practice

  • Learn how to listen to your body and integrate its messages