BALI | MARCH 17-31 | 2020

No one else can offer what you have to offer. No one tastes life like you do and how you express the high, middle and low notes is central to how you teach. Potent classes are a balanced brew of intelligent sequencing, generous space holding, awakened presence, embodied experience, resonant theming and poetic language.

The Embodiment module is a laboratory for you to profoundly explore the teachings through sādhana, movement, journalling, contemplation, embodiment exercises and anatomical and philosophical study. In the end, this is how you will come to craft authentic and resonant classes.

Expression will show you how to transmit your experience through your own voice and wisdom. Our time spent on movement mechanics, alignment and anatomy will equip you to teach safe classes to all level groups and you will be teaching most days to integrate that knowledge.

We will focus on safe and intelligent sequencing, how to curate the energy of the room, hold a generous and strong space, demonstrate and assist. Emphasis is placed on theming, sequencing, language and voice so you can not only craft safe and intelligent classes but can create compelling experiences where each word has the potential to open a new portal.

Led by your guides Collette Davis and Rikke Brodin. Guest faculty includes Tantrik scholar, Christopher ‘Hareesh’ Wallis and international anatomy expert, Rachel Ellery.